Real Estate / Mortgage Programs

Credit Repair USA has established a credit repair program for Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Lenders/Brokers that actually works.  We have a proven process that results in close rates from 25%-50%.  Yes, that's right.  We'll close 25%-50% of your dead files. (We actually guarantee the client a 100% score approval, but we are powerless when it comes to the underwriting process).  Where else are you going to get that kind of close rate on your bad credit clients?   All of this will be tracked via our software program. We will give you access to our software, which will allow you to monitor the progress of all of your clients in real time.  And as hard is this is to believe, our system syncs directly up to the bureaus and is FCRA compliant, so we know what is going on with your clients credit before the client even knows.  

By design our company is structured similar to a Real Estate Brokerage. We have over 800 national agents that run their own market using our technology and our teachings. This benefits you how?  Easy.  Let us do all of your dirty work. We'll be your customer service to your clients.  All at no charge to you.  We will also honor our refund policy to your very own customers, so if we can't score qualify them, they receive $1000.  You can't go wrong.  And let's be perfectly clear here, the past 20 years in this industry has basically been bottom feeders to say the least.  We've changed that model as we no longer dispute like everyone else.  No more dispute letters.  It's all online now.  Tracked by you, all in real time.  You have nothing to lose.  

Now, onto our credit repair program. This is what we offer you and your clients.

Permanent Deletions.

• Guaranteed Score Approvals. We can't guarantee underwriting approval. We back it up with our money back refund policy.

• 45 Day Update Cycle.

• Credit Rebuilding Programs

• Technology Driven Results. We aren't sitting around a war room doing dispute letters like 98% of credit repair companies.  Everything is done online. Tracked by you!

• Same Day Processing. Yes, whenever you send us a client of yours, they will be processed the same day before midnight.

• 700 Club Access. When a client signs up for our 700 Club, we guarantee in writing a 700 credit score or their money back.

If you have any questions about these programs, please reach out to us directly at 281-846-8804.