Legal Services

Credit Repair USA is proud to introduce to our clients, the power of professional partnerships. Once you, the client have gone through our credit repair program, we will direct you over to Credit Repair Lawyers of America.   (Gary Nitzkin and his team). They are based in Michigan, but they help all of our clients throughout the United States.

Our process is very simple. Once we have cleaned your credit, we will review it for errors and mistakes that the credit bureaus did not fix. We will then forward your file to Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyers. They are our muscle and will be yours too, at no charge to you.  They will file suit against the credit reporting agencies to get any errors and mistakes off of your credit report that we were unable to handle ourselves. Look at Gary as our closer. We are the starters. Gary and his team will come in after we've done our 8 innings and he'll shut it down in the 9th.

If you are finding yourself being harassed by collection companies, we find that to be an unpleasant experience. So, do something about it! That is why we are here. To help you deal with the practices by collection firms. Gary Nitzkin and his team will also help our customers by stopping those collection practices and debt practices.

Our partnership together benefits you and on top of that, we don't add any back end fee's. This legal expertise comes at no cost to you.

Credit Repair Lawyers of America.  Contact # (248) 353-2882.