Join Our Company

The Credit Repair industry is super hot right now and has been for the past 10 to 15 years, and will be for the foreseeable future.  Now is the time to join the Credit Repair USA team.  We are  the most technological driven company in this segment as proven by our before/after results.  Results that no other company can claim.

The average American makes $42k a year.  That's $42k a year folks.  That's it.  87% of Americans are living pay check to pay check and about that same % has less than $5000 in the bank.  Just let that sink in for a moment.  On top of that, you aren't getting raises and work place advancements anymore either.  Those days are long gone and only reserved for the few.  So, instead of being a corporate drone for some corporation, why don't you build your own future?  Gain your own freedom?  Become your own boss? 

What we do here at Credit Repair USA is provide you the tools to succeed and run your own credit repair company.  You may do it under our corporate structure or build your own brand.  We are in this industry because it allows us to be free, financially and mentally.  It also frees us from Corporate America.  (We have no problem with corporations, but we do have a problem with how they treat their lower level employees).  Employees that for the most part will NEVER move up the corporate structure.  The current corporate structure benefits the few and under empowers everyone else.

Cost to join. 

$0.  Yes, NOTHING.  It's absolutely free to join.  No extra hidden monthly fees.  No renewal fees.    Just cover your $25/mo software fee and you are good to go.

* Credit repair leads are available. (100 leads @ $500.  That's $5 each, which beats $50 each on Google).  These our own leads.  These are not bought and paid leads from an outside brokerage.  These are our direct leads that come directly to us from our partnerships. 

* All processing is done by corporate office.  You will do ZERO paperwork.  Everything is online utilizing the latest technology.  No dispute letter mailing.

* Software that will allow you to manage and run your business.  It also keeps track of your customers updates and progresses.  $25/mo.

* Training program #1.  $699 one time payment.  That moves you to a 40% contract and you will receive 1 on 1 training with the great one.   (For Example:  Client A:  Signs up for $0 up front and $75/mo x 7 months = $525 Total.  You will make $210).   

* Training program #2.  $999 one time payment.  That moves you to a 60% contract and you will receive 1 on 1 training with the great one.  (Plus we will set you up with you own credit card affiliate program.  You will make anywhere from $25-$35 per credit card that you have your clients sign up for).  We will provide you with that account.  Payment will paid directly to you from our affiliate.  You will also become part owner of Credit Repair USA through our digital asset AWB.  When you complete your $999 training, we will help you set up your online crytpo currency wallet and transfer 200 AWB's to your account.  200 AWB's = $1000.  So, in essence you get your training investment back through token ownership.  (For Example:  Client A:  Signs up for $0 up front and $75/mo x 7 months = $525.  You will make $315).

Keep in mind that our training programs are optional.  You are not forced to attend or get trained by the great one.  Our basic training is enough to get you started in this business.  The 1 on 1 training is an added program we offer our agents if they are wanting to step up their game in this industry. 

* Team Building. (Optional).  If you want to go national and have your own team to help you grow your business, that is perfectly fine.  We are NOT a MLM, so you won't make $5 here, $5 there.  $10 here, $10 there.  You will make $500 per agent that you train to come on board.  And along with that, if your own personal agents complete the $999 training program, not only will they receive their 200 AWB's,  but you will receive a bonus of 50 AWB's for training that individual agent. 

And most important, you become part of our company.  You won't be in this alone.  You will have a great support group for you to lean on.

Below is our lifestyle video.  No paid actors.  Just our founders enjoying a life they built since 2004 when they started their first CR company out of their 600 sq ft apt back in 2004.  We sold our first credit repair business for $2.5 million, then opened up Credit Repair USA to service clients on a national basis.  Now, we are over 800 national agents and growing and one of the top producers within the CRC.  The same opportunity is there for you.  You just have to want it.  We can't force you into the world of business.  It's something that you either want or don't want.  This is about freedom.  It always has and always will be.  So, come join us!