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The Credit Repair industry is super hot right now and has been for the past 10 to 15 years, and will be for the foreseeable future. Now is the time to join the Credit Repair USA team. We are the most technological driven company in this segment as proven by our before/after results. Results that no other company can claim.

The average American makes $42k a year. That's $42k a year folks. That's it. 87% of Americans are living pay check to pay check and about that same % has less than $5000 in the bank. Just let that sink in for a moment. On top of that, you aren't getting raises and work place advancements anymore either. Those days are long gone and only reserved for the few. So, instead of being a corporate drone for some corporation, why don't you build your own future? Gain your own freedom? Become your own boss?

What we do here at Credit Repair USA is provide you the tools to succeed and run your own credit repair company. You may do it under our corporate structure or build your own brand. We are in this industry because it allows us to be free, financially and mentally.

In our personal opinion, retail is done. If you are thinking of starting a business, you need to think of the environment that we are presently in. Retail and service in retail was difficult before now with more unpredictability including shutdowns, why take the chance? Many, not all, big companies can make it work, smaller retail stores and businesses are getting completely gutted. We are the future and businesses like ours are the future. We are tech and automation driven. You can run this business anywhere. Mobile. While you travel. On a boat. Wherever. As long as you have internet and a phone, computer, or tablet, we can make you successful.

Start your credit repair business within 48 hours for less than $3500. There is a $25/mo software fee to cover your back office software. No monthly agent fees. No hidden fees. Join today and become a part of the Credit Repair USA family.

This is not an MLM like FES or ERA Credit Services. Those companies pay $18/mo per client. With us, you could be making $788 per client. The choice is yours.

    100% contract payouts. (Industry leader).
    Back end corporate support.
    Free yourself from having.....A JOB!
    Credit Card Affiliate Set Up , website is included. (We pay $25-$50 per credit card). 
    Permanent Derogatory Account Removals.
    Real time removal credit tracking software.
    Zoom Corporate Conference Training Calls and Ongoing Business Support
    Opportunity To Build A Team Nationwide through our affiliate program (coming 2021).
    No yearly renewal fees.

 Income Potential Example: Client #1. $99/mo x 12 months = $1188. $1188 minus our $400 processing fee = $788. You could make $788 on one client. You do the math. If you sign up 10 credit clients a month you are now making $100k a year. Just like that. It's just simple math. Our high payouts make you a lot of money by a country mile. 

* All processing is done by corporate office. You will do ZERO paperwork. Everything is online utilizing the latest technology. No dispute letter mailing by you or your client..

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