What if you are paying more than you have to for just about everything? what would you do with $100’s more each month? Learning, Knowing, and Taking the first step with the information below can put $$$ in your pocket/savings account.

What makes your credit score cost so much? It’s the interest rate and the difference between the rate for a low or mid-tier score and a high credit score will cost you $1000’s.

Why are you paying $1000’s more than someone else? Your many credit reports are used by lenders and credit card companies to determine your interest rate. Interest rates for people with lower credit scores are higher (costing you more $$). Lenders use higher interest rates to protect themselves when the people they lend to can’t pay. Having a lower credit score means that you’ll pay more in interest every month on the money you borrow.

Where do you pay more?

  • Auto loans at interest rates over 15% instead of 5-10%

  • Car insurance premiums that are doubled

  • Big ticket items, if bought through rent-to-own stores will end up costing 2-3 times more

  • Mortgage rates, this is where the extra amount you pay could almost be enough to buy another house

  • Credit cards, if you can qualify the interest you pay on any monthly balance not paid in full will be close to 30% instead of 20% or lower and that is in addition to monthly or annual fees. You pay a lot more for groceries, gas, and so many other items you (and your family) need every day.

Do the math, add up all the additional costs. You are either paying $100’s extra each month or going without.

Commit to getting credit cards with lower rates and less/no fees, lower mortgage and auto rates, and keeping $100’s each month or $10,000 or $50,000+, or more paid to a home or auto loan. You can do this yourself starting today and Credit Repair USA can answer questions.

No matter where you are today, we can support you on your journey, help you do the math, and get the knowledge and tools you need to build and sustain a strong credit score. Then your credit will work for you instead of you working for your credit.

Improve your credit so you have a lot more money! Contact Us and Let’s talk.

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