All About Credit Repair Services


When it comes to credit repair services they are very hit or miss. Some are there to help you while others will just put you even farther into debt. Credible services will only charge you for their services once your credit has been repaired, work with you as an individual and develop the best plan possible for your situation, treat you with respect and most importantly, don’t leave you with more debt than you started with.

While it’s understandable that credit repair services aren’t a charity and are in business to make a profit, their main objective should be to help their clients. When someone seeks assistance from this type of business they are usually in a vulnerable state and are very susceptible to being taken advantage of. People in this situation may not be thinking clearly; their minds might be focused on worry, doubt and confusion. It’s hard enough to admit that you need help and actually seek it; getting taken advantage of isn’t something that you should have to worry about.

One of the things that reputable credit repair companies make sure of is that they don’t charge any fees until your credit is corrected. Not only does this insure that you don’t pay for a service that is never actually provided, but also that you’re not stuck paying another fee in addition to your already mounting debt; you aren’t responsible for the payment until you’re in a better financial situation. While a $49 or $59 charge may seem very minimal considering all of the help you get for it, when you’re trying to figure out how to feed your family, even $5 can go a long way.

To legit credit repair companies you are more than just a statistic or numerical value. Your case will be reviewed and dealt with in the best way for you. Everyone’s debt is different, and it should be treated as such. You should never be made to feel ashamed or less than anyone else simply because of your debt. Credit repair companies that don’t take advantage of clients understand and embrace this, and that makes a huge difference to anyone in that situation.

Some credit repair services charge unnecessarily high rates for their services and sometimes ask for payment up front.(Payment up front is legal as long as the credit repair company is bonded). This method in no way helps, and can actually hinder, credit problems. The more of your money that goes towards the credit repair service, the less you have to give to creditors, because of this it will take longer to get out of debt. When talking with a credit repair company, remember to ask when you will begin to be responsible for paying their fees.

Aside from these few attributes of reputable credit repair services you should also check the company’s Better Business Bureau score.(In Texas, Credit Repair Companies aren’t allowed to become a member, so the BBB isn’t a good judge of business practices). There you can not only find their score, you can also read how the score was determined, customer reviews and customer complaints. This is very helpful, because it lets you see not only the good reviews but also the negative aspects of the services they provide. Complaints don’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t do business with the company, but if they have too many that are unresolved, you should think twice about your decision. A good score, or no score, with the Better Business Bureau doesn’t always mean the company is good or bad, but it is a documented way of looking at the ins and outs of working with the company.

Whenever it comes to money, you should always make sure to do your research and be sure the company you choose is reliable, efficient and honest. The last thing you need is someone that’s out to take your last penny, especially when you’re already down and out and in a less than wonderful financial situation. You need someone that will help guide you and make positive suggestions that will send you in the right direction. Always remember these four things before doing business with a credit repair service; never do business with a company that wants payment up front, you deserve for your case to be looked at individually with a plan developed specifically for you, always demand respect and to be treated like a person not a statistic, never work with a company that will leave you with more debt than you started with and always check for the company’s Better Business Bureau score before committing to anything!