Before / After Score Results

Welcome to the Before/After section of our website.  Below, you will find numerous examples of our results that show a clients starting date and end date.  As you can see, we average anywhere from 60 to 150 point credit score increases in just 45 days.  These results are very real and permanent and happen daily around here.  If you look closely, you will notice that MOST of our score increases are happening within just a short 45 day time frame.  Obviously, every credit report will be different, but for the most part we do our job within 45 days.  Unlike our competitors, we don't need 6 months to a year to work on your credit.  We use the latest technology to achieve  these results as we DO NOT send out dispute letters on your behalf. (That is so 5-10 years ago).  Everything is online now.  Quick and trace-able by you, our customer.  We give you back end access to our online disputes, all in real time. (This allows you to check in on us at any time).  We have nothing to hide from our customers.  We want you to know exactly what is happening at all times.  We have no long term contracts.   That is the benefit of having Credit Repair USA on your team.  We are here for you and have agents nation wide to help you.  And remember, we back up the quality of our services with a $1000 money back guarantee.

If you have hired another credit repair company and they are NOT producing the results below, you have just been scammed.  You can try to make yourself feel better by thinking that you haven't been scammed, but you have.  They stole your money, did the minimum work possible, and rode off into the sunset.  Even those so called 700 Credit Score Credit Repair Companies can't produce on the level that we produce on.