Agent and Affiliate

What path is best for you?

Agent if you want to start a credit repair business quickly and economically

Affiliate is best option for Mortgage, Real Estate, Tax Professional, Auto, or any professional in an industry dependent on credit

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☑ Build a Credit Repair Business Quickly and Simply

☑ Build Reoccurring Revenue

☑ Build a Better Tomorrow and Make a Difference Today!

With Credit Repair USA your back-office is built and staffed with professionals, the technology is purchased, and the processes are developed so you can focus on growing your income and business.

The Credit Repair industry has been hot, is hot, and will be hot for the foreseeable future. Now is the time to join the Credit Repair USA team.

What we do at Credit Repair USA is provide you the tools to succeed and run your own credit repair company. We provide all the credit repair processing infrastructure freeing you to build and market your own brand.

What you get as an agent
  • Start your credit repair business within 48 hours

  • Monthly payouts

  • Support team hired and ready to work for you day 1*

  • Credit Repair Processing Technology is running

  • Customer agreements created and ready to go

  • Credit Card Merchant account established, processing can start immediately

  • Secure portal to track clients

  • Credit education for you and your clients

  • Business Management and Marketing coaching and guidance

  • Free yourself from having....A JOB!

  • Opportunity to build a team

  • Be a positive influence in your community

  • With us, you could be making on average $40/month/client. The choice is yours. Contact us for more details!

Investment: $3000 (ongoing $25 per month software fee)

*All processing is done by corporate office. You will do ZERO paperwork. Everything is online utilizing the latest technology. No dispute letter mailing by you or your client.


Is a great fit for Mortgage, Real Estate, Tax Professional, Auto, and professionals in industries dependent on credit.

What if 20-30% of the leads you are passing up due to credit issues came back to you to purchase? We'll do the work and return your prospects to your pipeline with the credit score you need. We work quickly to get the referral back to you.

Partner with Credit Repair USA for a professional team focused on the client experience and working to add to your pipeline. Our goal is to turn your referrals back to you ready to buy as quickly as possible. You want transparency, regular updates, and open lines of communication, we deliver all that to you and provide you a portal to track your referral’s progress. Clients you refer will have a portal too and will see your photo and contact information as a reminder of their goal and the professional who referred them to us!

  • No cost other than business lost without us working for you

  • Professional organization staffed with experts

  • We do all the work so you can focus on what you do best

  • Open communication, we are here to answer your questions

  • Results and happy customers

  • You focus on qualified leads and we will work on the others

  • All referrals are tracked for you

  • Client focused, we take care of your referrals

  • Your contact information is attached to each referral

  • Bilingual Portal English and Spanish

  • Back end corporate support*

*All processing is done by corporate office. You will do ZERO paperwork. Everything is online utilizing the latest technology. Our goal is to quickly return the client to you with the needed scores

Client Experience:
  • Receive a Consultation and Action Plan

  • Receive an Analysis of the 3 Bureau Reports

  • Have all Challenges & Disputes Processed

  • Review progress from a phone or computer through a secure portal

  • Financial Guidance and Credit Education

Customized pricing packages can be tailored to your business needs. 

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