About us

The two obstacles that keep you from having a healthy & happy credit report are procrastination and not knowing where to start.  So....Stop Procrastinating & contact us today! 

Welcome to Credit Repair USA. Imagine a streamlined credit dispute system where you mailed no letters. Imagine technology doing all of the work AND you being able to keep track of the communication between the software and the credit bureaus. Seriously, think about it.  How cool would that be?  Well, that is us. 

We run a technologically advanced credit repair system. Our results prove it time and time again as seen on our client results/before & after tab up top. Yes, we allow you to have access to your own credit file all in real time.  You'll receive updates once an account has changed status or has been removed. Our software syncs directly to the credit bureaus, so our updates happen faster and so do our deletions. (This gives you peace of mind that we are actually working on your behalf).

Our credit consultations are FREE.  Once we review your reports, we'll be able to devise your action plan at that point.

We work on the following:



Late Pays

Medical Bills

 Student Loans


 Tax Liens


 Child Support

Added Services:

Identity Theft Protection

Credit Report Protection 

Why Us and Nobody Else

1. Our results are permanent. Once a derogatory account is removed, it will NEVER report back at a later date.

2. Our results. Click on the Before/After score results. 

 3. Everything is tracked. And we mean EVERYTHING. We know what is going on with your credit report before you do.

 4. Dispute letters are so 10 years ago. We use technology for speed and transparency.

 5. We don't need any result letters that are sent to you by the credit bureaus. Why is that? We track everything online. We are synced directly to the bureaus in real time.