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Starting 10/01/2019, we will no longer charge any clients for credit repair.  We are now FREE!!  Yes, FREE!!  We are the only credit repair company on this planet that offers free credit repair.  Just cover the cost of your software processing ($69/mo).  No payment is due up front and you won't be billed your software fee until 30 days after sign up.  (Meaning, you are getting results by the time your 1st payment is due). We look at ourselves more of a tech firm that is in the credit repair industry than a credit repair company as a whole.  We are all tech driven results. No mailing of dispute letters. (If you run into any company doing dispute letters are representing themselves as "attorneys", they are most likely scammers.)  No paperwork. No faxing. No emailing. No scanning.  So, we offer our promise to you. The Credit Repair USA promise to you is as follows: #1. Same day service (within 24 hrs of sign-up). #2. We back up our services with a $1000 guaranteed refund policy. Yes, $1000 will be refunded to you if we don't do our job. #3. Permanent removals. (Meaning, when we remove an account, it will NEVER show back up at a later date, EVER). Real time credit tracking software that allows you to track the status of every account on all 3 credit bureaus. (Our software is synced directly to the credit bureaus and is FCRA compliant).  The pressure is all on us to perform. Our promise to you is unmatched in this industry. As a matter of fact, our competitors are too afraid to back up the quality of their services like we do. Others claim to be "the best" or "#1" in this industry, but they have ZERO proof to back up those claims. None. So, we ask the questions. What kind of gimmicks are they hiding from you? Are they really giving you what you have paid for? We know the answer and the answer is NO, because they won't guarantee their results like we do. The decision is all yours. You may choose to get scammed by our competitors or you can sign up with us FOR FREE and have it backed by our refund policy.  Again, we are doing things in this industry that have never been done before. Choose the leaders. After all, it's your credit. Choose wisely.


Have you ever thought about getting into the credit repair industry?  Finding it too expensive to carry your State registration and bond?  Have no idea where to start?  We get it.  We were there back in 2003, just like you are now.  Wondering what to do.  Now, you have an inexpensive option to choose from.  Actually, it's very inexpensive.  It's FREE to join us and we have NO, let me repeat, NO monthly agent fee's.  You may do this part time or full time. There are no quotas to meet.  There are no bosses to take orders from. We are NOT a MLM company, so we won't force you to go recruit your family and friends and sell them on a get rich scheme. If you'd like to build your own team, that is fine, but it will be when YOU are ready. It won't be because we forced you too. We look forward to adding you to the Credit Repair USA family.   Join now for $0.  Yes, $0. No monthly fees.  No renewal fees.  No hidden fees.  Credit Repair leads are available.  Please fill out our contact us form and a representative will reach out to you.  Starting November of 2019, every new credit repair agent will receive 200 AWB's (Active World Bits) upon signing up as a new agent of ours.  This is your opportunity to join us, grow with us, and own part of Credit Repair USA through our own digital asset.  * Our digital currency will be paid to you once you have finished our top level training program *



"I've been here for over 10 years" "Don't tell anyone, but I'm really the one who runs the show around here." Jennifer Matthew/Corporate Mgr.

Email: jenniferm.crn@gmail.com

"I am a local RE Agent here in Houston and send all my declined buyers here.  At the end of the day, it's about closing my clients and that's what they do.  Far too often we look past clients with bad credit.  I personally love dealing with clients with bad credit because I have an avenue to getting them qualified."  Mike Spacek/Exceed Realty.

Email: mikespacek14@gmail.com

"So far, I'm loving it here. Hopefully my future is bright with this company." Stacy Combs/Tennessee Licensee.

Email: stacycombs625@gmail.comstacycombs625@gmail.com

"I sell boats as my full time job, so this company provides me an opportunity to make some good side revenue." William Tharpe/Texas Licensee.

Email: mycreditrepair700@gmail.com

"I bought my house about 7 years ago because of these guys. I dealt directly with Scott, so he took great care of me. This was back before technology existed. He did it the old school way." Larry Fountain/General Sales Manager/Classic Chevy/Houston, Texas.

Email: lfountain@classicchevyhasit.com

"I send all my declined auto buyers to CR USA. Why? Because they qualify my buyers. Period. I'm here to sell more cars and they make that possible." Tanny Perez/Fleet & Internet Sales/Westside Chevrolet/Katy, Texas.

Email: tperez@westsidechevrolet.com

"I'm having my credit taken care of by CR USA as well. If what they have done to a few of my auto buyers are any indication of what I can expect, then they are truly the players in this industry and I can't wait to see my results!" Ryan Crandall/Sales/Westside Chevrolet/Katy, Texas.

Email: rysyl2012@gmail.com

"We are one of the nations biggest Real Estate lead generation companies. EVERY single potential home buyer that we can't get approved goes directly to Credit Repair USA to get qualified. We wouldn't even think of using another credit repair company." Terrah Lund/We Say Yes To Homes.

Email: terrah@wesayyestohomes.com

Please beware of imposters. As we've grown, so have the scam artists who are claiming to be a part of this company. If you are in your local market and need to verify one of our agents as being a valid agent, please call the corporate office to verify that they are an active Credit Repair agent. If they are not active with us, then they are in no position to sign you up as a client or licensee.

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Authorized users

We have our own trade lines!

Credit Repair USA offers authorized user accounts to its clients.  These are NOT brokered out accounts.  These are accounts that we own.  All accounts back date 10 years on your credit reports and reports at a 2% credit utilization rate.  $3000-$10,000 credit limits. 

Digital Assets


Credit Repair USA is the only Credit Repair Company in the USA with it's own digital currency called Active World Bit. (AWB on Etherscan).  We are well ahead of the game in this industry. Find another credit repair company utilizing blockchain technology that services their clients with their own cryptocurrency and we'll fix your credit for free!! 


$0 ENROLLMENT. $69/mo (software fee). 30 days after sign up.

This is our only pricing package. The $69/mo covers the cost of your software. It includes everything. Public records and Inquiry Removal. We offer a $1000 guaranteed money back refund policy on this plan. If we don't produce as we say we will, then we'll refund you $1000. No questions asked. Yes, it's in our contract.



This is how we built our company starting 14 years ago. In the Real Estate market. Our credit program is tailored around the tightness of Real Estate lending underwriters. As with all of our clients, we will get you score qualified to purchase your home or we'll give you your money back. No questions asked. Just follow our program and you win.  *We welcome relationships with Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Lenders all across America* Please inquire via one of our contact us forms. We'll guarantee a score approval for your customers or they pay nothing.



Please be aware of companies who still send out dispute letters. Our recommendation to you....RUN!! This is a tech driven industry now. We don't need to send out dispute letters on your behalf as we give you online access to our dispute process. What takes 6-9 months to do for most of our competitors, we are doing in 45 days. Again, sending out dispute letters is no longer how industry standards are set. You as a customer should have access in real time to every account, every credit bureau, all in real time. We give you that and much more! We want you to check up on us. We have nothing to hide unlike most of our competitors do. When we guarantee you a 700 credit score, we guarantee it or your money back. It's that simple. We have no small print like most of our other competitors do. We keep this simple. You want results, we give you results. If we don't produce, you get your money back.


THIS TIME, FRANCHISE CLIQUE GAVE US MORE PRESS. THEY PICKED UP ON OUR INTERVIEW THAT WAS DONE BY FRANCHISE DIRECT AND DECIDED WE WERE HOT ENOUGH TO BE ON THEIR HOT OPPORTUNITY-PRESS RELEASE WEBSITE. SO, WE THANK FRANCHISE CLIQUE FOR NOTICING US.  We are also one of the top rated business opportunities on their website with a 4 star rating w/the most positive reviews out of every business opportunity on their directory.  Come Home and join the Credit Repair USA team!



By law, a credit repair company must give their customers access to any and all dispute letters or online access to their credit reports. Unfortunately, most CR companies will NEVER allow you to have behind the scenes footage of what they are doing for you. Why? It's because they will know that you will find out that they really aren't doing anything for you after all. Therefore, scamming you all the way to the bank. We don't do that. We give you access to EVERYTHING that we are doing for you all in real time. We don't need to hide because we don't use gimmicks in our processing. That would explain why we are averaging close to 100 point credit score increases in just 45 days! So, it's your call. Continue to get scammed or join the USA team and know without a shadow of a doubt that we are actually doing what we say we are doing. All online, all at your finger tips. * If a competitor of ours doesn't offer you a refund policy that is up there with our refund policy, they are simply not going to produce the results they claim they will produce. We know because we've searched over 100 competitor websites and have yet to see a refund policy, guaranteed results, or client results before and afters like we produce. * Do what the guy in this picture is doing and run away as fast as you can. Come home to us. We'll guarantee our results.



When you sign up with Credit Repair USA, you will receive same day processing you don't pay a dime. If you don't receive your login information to our software portal within 24 hrs, we'll do your credit repair for free. We also allow our clients to sign up with $0 up front fee's. Yes, $0!! You pay nothing for 30 days. We'll process you the day you sign up, but won't bill you your $49/mo software fee until 30 days after sign up. We are the only company in this country who has a billing cycle set up in that manner. Choose wisely.



When you sign up for credit monitoring through us, you receive $25k in ID Theft coverage. Credit bureau monitoring & alerts. Triple credit bureau reports updated every 30 days. Fraud alert assistance. ID fraud restoration specialist. Lost wallet form. Lost wallet assistance. Credit score simulator. Credit score tracking. Checking account report. Savers club membership. Discounts on movie tickets. Grocery savings. Rx Advantage prescription drug program. Auto buying services and maintenance discounts. Key ring protection. Luggage protection. Insurance benefits including: Lost Wages: $1500. Travel expenses: $2000. Elder Care and Child Care: $2000. Initial Legal Consultation Coverage: $1000. $0 Deductible. Yes, you get all of the above for free by just monitoring your credit through CR USA. $24.99/mo to monitor all 3 credit bureaus and all of the benefits are absolutely free & your 1st week is free.