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Gather And Analyze Your Information

We start by gathering information to verify your identity, then securely pull your credit score and report, we analyze and find inaccuracies, outdated information, and unverifiable entries.

Take Action

You are provided a personalized action plan. Then we immediately get to work disputing and rebuilding based on your unique credit file.

Mentor, Educate, And Coach

You are never alone during the process and will have tools and techniques to use during and after the process. 

Straightforward Pricing Keeps It Simple For You

Freedom Plan

$99 Monthly

($199 One-Time Document Processing / Set Up Fee)

Unlimited disputes to all 3 credit bureaus you will have inaccurate and unverifiable information continuously disputed 

✔ Monthly credit report & monitoring so you can track your progress easily

✔ lnitial credit report & score analysis so you fully understand what's affecting you and how we plan to fix it

✔ Challenges to all creditors & collection agencies as needed so you're never left to fight alone

✔ Inquiry deletion inaccurate and unauthorized entries will be disputed

✔ 24/7 online portal access so you always know what's happening with your case

✔ Customer support that puts you first and works with you together as a team


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a good credit score? 

What is your goal? Good enough to buy? The score needed when...More

What is your goal? Good enough to buy? The score needed when buying a car is different than buying a house or starting a business. 650 is generally good enough to get you started though your interest rate may be higher. What is a really good score, aka excellent? 850 is the highest though anything above 740 is considered Excellent. 

Credit repair is the process of cleaning up inaccuracies on your credit report, removing wrong or inaccurate information, protecting your identity, and becoming more informed on credit issues. When you repair your credit file, it is likely your credit score will improve, and ability to obtain better interest rates and save money.

2. Why should I utilize credit repair? 

Because your credit record will influence your qualification...More

Because your credit record will influence your qualification for credit in the future, could affect rates for your current credit lines, and believe it or not, employment and insurance applications. Accordingly, if your credit report is incorrect, correcting the credit file will help improve your chances. A good credit score helps you obtain low interest rates on long term loans, like home loans or car loans. Lenders may charge high interest rates or impose undesirable repayment plans for you. Given the stakes and the consequences involved, it is clearly to your advantage to work toward recovering from a bad credit rating. 

3. What are the steps to get started? 

It's very simple. Click the Enroll Now button above or Book ...More

It's very simple. Click the Enroll Now button above or Book a Call with our team to review your credit history and put together a customized plan for you. We also guide you every step of the way as to what we are doing and what you need to do. You do your part while we work directly with the bureaus on your behalf to clean up inaccuracies in your report. Working together we will repair and build so you are back in control.

4. How long does the credit repair process take?

If you have errors on your credit reports that can be succes...More

If you have errors on your credit reports that can be successfully disputed, you could see improvement in your credit with the first update in 45 days, though typically the process takes 6-12 months. People who are persistent over many months and know the law have the most success improving their scores.