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Our $1000 guarantee refund policy.

Starting 10/01/2018, we will no longer have up front fee's.  The first 30 days are on the house!!!  That's right, no payments are due up front and your first payment isn't due until 30 days after sign up.  If you have bad credit, you know it.  So, you either do something about it now or continue living the life of someone who is constantly told no, their credit is bad.  Declined.  Declined.  Declined.  Those are typically the words you hear after every credit application right?  Well, do something about it.  It's time to change your ways.  We've been doing this for 15 years and realize that to a lot of folks, it's cool having bad credit.  And we draw  that conclusion by the lack of effort that they take into getting their credit straight.  You aren't getting a root canal here folks.  This is all tech driven results.  No paperwork.  No faxing.  No emailing.  No scanning. 63% of all credit applications taken in this country are denied.  Think about that.  So, we offer our promise to you.   The Credit Repair USA promise to you is as follows:  #1.  Same day service (within 24 hrs of sign-up).  #2.  We back up our services with a $1000 guaranteed refund policy.  Yes, $1000 will be refunded to you if we don't do our job.   #3. Permanent removals. (Meaning, when we remove an account, it will NEVER show back up at a later date, EVER). Real time credit tracking software that allows you to track the status of every account on all 3 credit bureaus. (Our software is synced directly to the credit bureaus and is FCRA compliant). #4. If  you are looking to purchase a home or a new car/truck, we will guarantee score approval or your money back!  The pressure is all on us to perform. Our promise to you is unmatched in this industry.  As a matter of fact, our competitors are too afraid to back up the quality of their services like we do.  Others claim to be "the best" or "#1" in this industry, but they have ZERO proof to back up those claims.  None.   So, we ask the questions.  What kind of gimmicks are they hiding from you?  Are they really giving you what you have paid for?  We know the answer and the answer is NO, because they won't guarantee their results like we do.   The decision is all yours.  You may choose to get scammed by our competitors or you can sign up with us at very minimal costs and have it backed by our refund policy.  Again, we are doing things in this industry that have never been done before.  Choose the leaders.  After all, it's your credit.  Choose wisely.

Our Promise
Ever Thought About owning Your Own Credit Repair business?

Have you ever thought about getting into the credit repair industry?  Well, if not, you are missing out, because the credit repair industry is on fire right now.  We have the highest pay structure in the industry by a country mile and every licensee will receive part ownership of Credit Repair USA through our Active World Bit.  Yes, you become part of our family and receive partial ownership in Credit Repair USA.  So, we are vested in you to succeed.  Please click on the Join Our Team link below for further information.  We look forward to having you join our team.  Credit Repair USA has been crowned one of the Top 50 Business Opportunities on Franchise Clique and we are only 1 of 19 companies nationwide that has reached the multi-millionaire status with the CRC.   What does that mean for you?  It means our program works...........very well.  So, come join us!!


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Active World Club

Now is your chance to own part of credit repair usa!

Credit Repair USA is the only credit repair company that has its own digital token.  Working on the ERC-2o platform, our token utilizes membership in Your Active World.   Every client that signs up for the $249/mo plan will receive 50 AWB (Active World Bit) at the end of their contract.  We are the 3rd largest majority token holders within AWB, so we are able to help our clients become part of our company and gain token ownership through Active World Bit.  Again, we lead in this industry.  While every other company is stuck in the 90's and 2000's, we've pushed forward and entered the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. 

Active World Club

Our only package!  we make it simple.

 $0 Enrollment.  1st 30 days are free, then it's $99/mo after that.

This is our only pricing package.   It includes everything.  Public records and Inquiry Removal.  We offer a $1000 guaranteed money back refund policy on this plan.  If we don't produce as we say we will, then we'll refund you $1000.  No questions asked.  Yes, it's in our contract.

Home buyers who can't qualify

We offer guaranteed results to all of our declined home buyers.

This is how we built our company starting 14 years ago.  In the Real Estate market.  Our credit program is tailored around the tightness of Real Estate lending underwriters.  We are the only credit repair company in the United States that will offer you a $500 credit towards your mortgage and we will also pay for your moving expenses.  Yes, we will pay for your move!!  We have partnered up with 3 Men Movers and we use the same moving crew for all of our local moves.  (Houston market only).   You must use one of our networked Real Estate Agents to receive these programs.  If you are outside of the Houston market, have no fear.  We still have you covered.  All we need is a clear to close and a close date and you are good to go! 

Get Your Home

Client Results/Before & After

our success story

Our interview on Franchise Direct

When Franchise Direct does a hot piece about your company, then you know you are doing things right.  Franchise Direct is THE biggest directory for business opportunities and available franchises.  In March of 2015, we decided to expand our credit repair services nation-wide.  We were a company of 4 people back in 2009.  Now, we are over 700 national agents strong and adding to our team weekly.  Please click the READ MORE button below to read our interview.   We welcome you to our team!

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No Dispute letters

That was so 5 years ago.

Please be aware of companies who still send out dispute letters.  Our recommendation to you....RUN!!  This is a tech driven industry now.  We don't need to send out dispute letters on your behalf as we give you online access to our dispute process.  What takes 6-9 months to do for most of our competitors, we are doing in 45 days.  Again, sending out dispute letters is no longer how industry standards are set.  You as a customer should have access in real time to every account, every credit bureau, all in real time.  We give you that and much more!  We want you to check up on us.  We have nothing to hide unlike most of our competitors do.  When we guarantee you a 700 credit score, we guarantee it or your money back.  It's that simple.  We have no small print like most of our other competitors do.  We keep this simple.  You want results, we give you results.  If we don't produce, you get your money back. 

Even More  success

This time, Franchise Clique Gave us more Press.  They picked up on our interview that was done by Franchise Direct and decided we were hot enough to be on their Hot Opportunity-Press Release website.  So, We Thank franchise clique for noticing us.

Know your rights

Beware of Scam Companies

By law, a credit repair company must give their customers access to any and all dispute letters or online access to their credit reports.  Unfortunately, most CR companies will NEVER allow you to have behind the scenes footage of what they are doing for you.  Why?  It's because they will know that you will find out that they really aren't doing anything for you after all.  Therefore, scamming you all the way to the bank.  We don't do that.  We give you access to EVERYTHING that we are doing for you all in real time.  We don't need to hide because we don't use gimmicks in our processing.  That would explain why we are averaging close to 100 point credit score increases in just 45 days!  So, it's your call.  Continue to get scammed or join the USA team and know without a shadow of a doubt that we are actually doing what we say we are doing.  All online, all at your finger tips.  * If a competitor of ours doesn't offer you a refund policy that is up there with our refund policy, they are simply not going to produce the results they claim they will produce.  We know because we've searched over 100 competitor websites and have yet to see a refund policy, guaranteed results, or client results before and afters like we produce. *    Do what the guy in this picture is doing and run away as fast as you can.  Come home to us.  We'll guarantee our results.

Your Own credit mentor

 every client of Credit Repair USA will receive their own credit mentor.  Our action Plan works 100% of the time, but it must be followed!  Your mentor will help you to make sure you stay on the right track.  If You follow our action plan, you win. 

Same Day Processing & $0 Up front fees.

Yes, Same day or it's free!

When you sign up with Credit Repair USA, you will receive same day processing you don't pay a dime.  If you don't receive your login information to our software portal within 24 hrs, we'll do your credit repair for free.  We also allow our clients to sign up with $0 up front fee's.  Yes, $0!!  You pay nothing for 30 days.  We'll process you the day you sign up, but won't bill you until 30 days after sign up.  We are the only company in this country who has a billing cycle set up in that manner.  Choose wisely.

We are the only company that offers a money back guarantee.  Yes, a money back guarantee.  If we don't produce as it's mentioned in our contracts, you pay nothing and receive $1000 as a non performance refund by us.

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Free benefits

Yes, all this is free when you become one of our clients.

When you sign up for credit monitoring through us, you receive $25k in ID Theft coverage.  Credit bureau monitoring & alerts.  Triple credit bureau reports updated every 30 days.  Fraud alert assistance.  ID fraud restoration specialist.  Lost wallet form.  Lost wallet assistance.  Credit score simulator.  Credit score tracking.  Checking account report.  Savers club membership.  Discounts on movie tickets.  Grocery savings.  Rx Advantage prescription drug program.  Auto buying services and maintenance discounts.  Key ring protection.  Luggage protection.  Insurance benefits including:  Lost Wages: $1500.  Travel expenses: $2000.  Elder Care and Child Care: $2000.  Initial Legal Consultation Coverage: $1000.  $0 Deductible.    Yes, you get all of the above for free by just monitoring your credit through CR USA.  $21.99/mo to monitor all 3 credit bureaus and all of the benefits are absolutely free & your 1st week is free.

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